The Power Of Soaking

The Power Of Soaking

Water, it is intrinsic to our being. We are made of water, surrounded by water, and nourished by it. We all know what a vital component of our daily life it is. I would like to take you deeper into the water though and introduce the power of a good soak. 

Throughout history humans have created ritual around bathing. It was a way to clean both body and spirit. We washed our feet before entering temples and our dead before they travel to the underworld. We begin life floating in the water of the womb. Water is present in all aspects of life and it is powerful.

So lets tie this all together and talk about that good soak and what it can do for you. Creating the time and space to take a bath with intention is meaningful self care. In the water, the weight of the world is lifted off your body and you become weightless. Give yourself 20 minutes to soak and let the mind and heart unwind the tangles. Use it to clear yourself of the anxiety and negativity that bombards us daily. Create a weekly ritual. It can be as complex or as simple as you like. 

Your soaking ritual can include a salt soak to help detox the body, essential oils that support what your mind is working, flowers, a candle, your crystals, and your journal or maybe you don't have the patience for any of that and just need to let your mind and body find stillness. 

Take the time, create the space. You deserve it

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